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  They used to drop by occasionally and would sit beside us, and give us some small tips, which were priceless insight into nuances of music. Allah Rakha would grab the table and would 'accompany' us for a few minutes.

This innate ability to be fascinated by curious things remained with him. While earlier forays were into the wonderland of new games and new subjects, the later day exploits often led to applied innovations. In the late 1980s, one day Dr. Rajagopalan switched on the TV as he was leaving for his university job, and was briefly distracted by a programme on rural technology that droned about making hand made paper from banana stem waste. The strength of the paper arising from the numerous fibres fascinated him. It so happened that it was all happening in the town of Wardha, just an hour's drive from Nagpur where he was working.Within a week Dr. Rajagopalan was at the Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) and discussing the possibility of making a board 12 millimetre thick and with convenient dimensions.


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