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  cycles, a car or two, a large government hospital, a number of houses having radio, a few banks, a traveler's bungalow (TB), several temples, churches, a mosque and a jewish cemetery, besides a lot of backwaters!” He also had among his early teachers in school a Jewish who taught him history, till he suddenly left for the new country the Jewish diaspora made; Israel.

It was in class ninth in the school, which was being taught Everyday Science that he was enamored by the working of the electric doorbell. “It had a current flowing, a material, which would work as a magnet only when current flowed through a coil surrounding it, and it had a spring mechanism, which created the flutter. I was thrilled.” Thrilled enough for the young lad to insist on admission for a graduate course in Physics, though his Chemistry scores were better. The principal of the famous Union Christian College at Always insisted that he choose Chemistry major. “It was with great efforts I could grab a seat for Physics major.”


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