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  The Swami from Parur

In 1942, the year of the Quit India movement,
Dr Rajagopalan was born into the quaint and uplifting elements of R K Narayan’s Malgudi. He was in many ways like that character Swami of Malgudi, curious beyond his immediate environment. Born to a railway officer and a teacher, in North Parur of the erstwhile Ernakulam, he was smack in the middle of that charmed post-colonial district life, with its various enticements and privileges. This is how he recollects Parur of his childhood. “It was a developed town.

His First Sound Level Meter

  Had a district court, several good schools, and now even a
college, a well developed bus station, a large organised market,
good tar surfaced roads, a good number of Rallis
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